May 23, 2017by Michael

Branding “maian” part two

The design uses the Baskerville typeface. A rich classic serif font which makes a statement when used with the company name MAIAN.

When considering the font options for the brand it was decided to use lowercase which we perceived as softer and not so angular. The curves of the lowercase typeface and the structure of the letters that make up maian as a word made it a strong but welcoming at the same time.

The original concept for the logo had the word bakers or bakery in a secondary font incorporated into the word “maian”. This was removed as it lowered the character of the brand that we were trying to achieve. Maian in the baskerville font also was far to strong so we decided that any additional, tag line, or subject would be added separately in a modern typeface. One which complemented it.

When reviewing “maian” as it is written in Baskerville I started to clean up and evolve the typeface, removing the accents, straightening the base lines, tightening up the spacing between letters and manipulating the “ i “ which had become the focal point through most of the design phase from the start of the project. This created a personalised version specific to the brand.

Selecting the right colour palette for the brand was just as important as designing the brand text itself after all we the client wanted something different from what was around yet classy but at the same time not over reaching. I also have to consider how the logo will be displayed and under what circumstances. So the brand need to be versatile as well as compromising.

At the same time I was also considering how to emphasise the iconic “i” within the wording.

One of the 3 submitted designs used a two tone blue and yellow with sun rays accentuating the “i” also included a sticker and icon set, which would have expanded the Brand usage over different media types.

The final design was a little more simplified than the one shown above. The colours reduced from 3 to 2 and the tones changed slightly, Creating a brand logo that does exactly what it has been asked to do and a very happy client.