April 21, 2017by Michael

Logo Revamp – KiwiFood

Kiwi Food is a well-established import and wholesale company based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Original ties to the New Zealand Food industry quickly established the iconic Kiwi brand name and logo. Over the years the company has grown and diversified. A fresh new image needed to convey the growth of the company and its now global product catalogue


When considering the Brand Logo I also needed to look at its use. The Kiwi Food Logo is also used on product packaging, labels, advertising, Social media and Print material. It has a very diverse use and I needed to consider this when developing a refreshing look.

Corporate competition is also important. How does the Kiwi Food brand compare to their competitors, across the many channels of usage.

Discussions with my client at Kiwifood also established the importance of colour with in the brand identity. Green is currently the only colour in the logo representing Mother Nature and the freshness of the products. It was also suggested to introduce a second colour to represent the expanding product and produce line. Blue became the most obvious colour with its obvious relevance to the sea and the sky.

The design process started with a general exploration of the Font Families, Playing with lowercase, uppercase and combinations. Finding a font that can transcend the direction of the company and rebrand as well as appeasing the client is one of the most critical parts of the design process.

Secondly the Kiwi Icon that is currently used needs to be either replaced or cleaned up. Replacing the Kiwi bird with a more accurate representation would be my first choice but as I started exploring this design path I decided that the current illustrated bird may just need a clean up and revised composition. I then stumbled upon this composition during the design phase which really stood out.

Compiling them together in a functional composition resulted in the following final rendition complete with final coloured version that the client accepted.

Enlarging the Kiwi with in the oval creates a more abstract version, rather than a literal one. It also creates a much more broader and diverse feeling which enhances the progression of KiwiFood.